Cultural Arts

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Cultural Arts

It is a proven fact that kids who are involved in arts programs have higher test scores and higher overall academic performance. Arts program participants are proud of their accomplishments. The Streamwood Park District offers programs in dance, music, and theater that call upon the imagination of every child. We have designed our programs to let young artists release and enhance their creativity while teaching proper skills and techniques. We take the necessary steps to ensure that all of our programs are innovative and progressive; from basic learning, performance, and competition.

Benefits and Participation
Streamwood Park District programs enhance a child’s self-confidence, improves their critical thinking skills, introduces positive leadership development, and prepare them for further study in the arts. We make little dreams a big reality.

Dance Academy
Offers several opportunities for learning, performance, competition, community involvement, and growth.

Music Academy
Caters to each young musician’s own learning style; making sure we are adequately preparing our students for local feeder programs.

Theater Academy
Takes the youngest actor the though entire arts education process from audition, rehearsal, and performance.

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