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6622 Barrington Road | Hanover Park, IL

Gymkhana has been providing high-quality instruction in gymnastics since 1975; offering programs for all ages and abilities starting from preschool gymnastics classes, to their nationally competing U.S.A. Gymnastics Men’s and Women’s teams. Gymkhana’s professional staff is comprised of U.S.A. Gymnastics safety certified coaches.


2 - 3 years old with a parent

Simple gymnastics and tumbling techniques will be introduced through fun games and activities.


4 years old - kindergarten

Introduction to bar, beam, vault, and tumbling exercises. Warm-up activities are also designed to enhance learning.

Basic Tumbling

6 - 7 years old

Emphasis will be on tumbling, all mainly being mat work and routine.

Youth Beginner

6 years and older

Emphasis will be on tumbling to gain strength and coordination for progression to some work on equipment.

Advanced Beginner

6 years and older

A continuation of beginner gymnastics progressing into more new skills. Participants must have had one or more classes of beginner gymnastics.


7 - 12 years old

Designed for the student who already possesses basic gymnastics skill and is ready to move forward to more challenging skills. Instructor’s recommendation is required.

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