Adult Softball League

Each league will consist of a minimum 10 game schedule with a single elimination tournament at season's end. There are monetary awards and team plaques for both the league and tournament champions. A non-refundable $100 deposit is required when registering. The maximum number of players per roster is 20 players.

Adult Golf Lessons

Taught by PGA Professional Bill Parisi, participants will get one-on-one instruction as they learn the proper mechanics to the fundamentals in the game of golf.

Horsemanship for Adults

Participants will learn all about the proper ways to groom, tack, and handle horses, and the basics of riding at the walk and trot. Riders should wear jeans or Jodhpur pants and hard-soled riding or hiking boots with a small, low heel. Bring an approved riding helmet or bicycle helmet.

Men's 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

All teams will receive two or three pool play games (based on the number of teams that register), with a single-elimination tournament to follow. Pool play will be self-officiated while the tournament will have officials. Cash prizes will be awarded to the tournament champion.

Dog Obedience

Designed to educate the public on being responsible dog owners to recognize and control problems before they become unmanageable. Your dog will learn to heel, sit, stay, stand for veterinary exam, and come when called. Along with learning basic commands the topics of nutrition, immunizations and grooming will be discussed.

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