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Swim Lessons


(6 months-3 years old with parent)
The Tadpoles class builds swimming readiness by emphasizing fun in the water. Parents and children participate in several guided practice sessions that help children learn elementary skills, including water entry, bubble blowing, front kicking, back floating, underwater exploration, and more. The instructor/student ratio will be up to 1:10 child/parent pairs.


120230-01Thu3/6 -5/45:10-5:40 p$44/$66
120230-02Sa3/11 - 5/69:40-10:10 a$38/$57.75
120230-03Sa3/11 - 5/610:15-10:45 a$38/$57.75
120230-04Sa3/11 - 5/611-11:30 a$38/$57.75
210230-01Mon 6/5-6/158:45-9:15am$44/$66
210230-02Mon 6/5-6/158:45-9:15am$44/$66
210230-03Mon 6/5-6/158:45-9:15am$44/$66
210230-04Mon 6/5-6/158:45-9:15am$44/$66
210230-09Mon 6/5-6/155:30-6pm$44/$66
210230-13Sat 6/10-7/299:40-10:10am$44/$66
210230-14Sat 6/10-7/2910:15-10:45am$44/$66
210230-15Sat 6/10-7/2911-11:30am$44/$66
No class July 4


(3-5 years old)
This is a water orientation program emphasizing water adjustment, preparatory activities for swimming, fun and enjoyment for the student. Students will not be learning stroke work as a minnow. They will learn the basic concepts of swimming, which will prepare them for the Fishbowl. This class is for the more developed child who does not need parental assistance in the water. Instructor/student ratio is 1:5.


120240-01M3/6 - 5/46:45-7:15 p$48/$72
120240-02W3/8 - 5/36:45-7:15 p$48/$72
120240-03Th3/9 - 5/44:30-5 p$48/$72
120240-04Sa3/11 - 5/69:40-10:10 a$42/$63
120240-06Sa3/11 - 5/610:15-10:45 a$42/$63
120240-06Sa3/11 - 5/611-11:30 a$42/$63
220240-01M - Th6/5-6/159:20-9:50 a$48/$72
220240-02M - Th6/5-6/1510-10:30 a$48/$72
220240-03M - Th6/19-6/299:20-9:50 a$48/$72
220240-04M - Th6/19-6/2910-10:30 a $48/$72
220240-05M - Th7/10-7/209:20-9:50 a$48/$72
220240-06M - Th7/10-7/2010-10:30 a$48/$72
220240-07M - Th7/24-8/39:20-9:50 a$48/$72
220240-08M - Th7/24-8/310-10:30 a$48/$72
220240-09M6/5-7/244:55-5:25 p$48/$72
220240-10M6/5-7/246:05-6:35 p$48/$72
220240-11W6/7-7/264:55-5:25 p$48/$72
220240-12W6/7-7/265:30-6 p$48/$72
220240-13S6/10-7/299:40-10:10 a$48/$72
220240-14S6/10-7/2910:15-10:45 a$48/$72
220240-15S6/10-7/2911-11:30 a$48/$72
*No class July 4.

Fish & Flying Fish

Fish (Levels 1-3; 4 years and older)
Level 1-Water Exploration. Level 2-Primary Skills. Level 3-Stroke Readiness

Flying Fish (Levels 4-6; children who have completed Fish or equivalent)
Level 4-Stroke Development. Level 5-Stroke Refinement. Level 6-Stroke Proficiency

All children will be tested and grouped with others of comparable skills on the first day of class. It is not uncommon for children to spend more than one term in Fish or Flying Fish lessons in order to complete the skill levels. Please consider this when registering for multiple lessons. Choose a time and a session that are appropriate for you and your child.

Fish & Flying Fish

120250-01M3/6 - 5/16:30 - 7:15 p$58/$88
120250-02T3/7 - 5/23:55 - 4:40 p$58/$88
120250-03T3/7 - 5/24:45 - 5:30 p$58/$88
120250-04W3/8 - 5/36:30 - 7:15 p$58/$88
120250-05Th3/9 - 5/44:15 - 5 p$58/$88
120250-06Th3/9 - 5/45:05 - 5:50 p$58/$88
120250-07S3/11 - 5/610 - 10:45 a$50.75/$77
120250-08S3/11 - 5/610:55 - 11:40 a$50.75/$77
Aquatic Center
220250-09M 6/5-6/155:15-6pm$58/$88
220250-10M 6/5-6/156:05-6:50pm$58/$88
220250-11W 6/7-7/265:15-6pm$58/$88
220250-12W 6/7-7/266:05-6:50pm$58/$88
220250-13Sa 6/10-7/2910-10:45am$58/$88
220250-14Sa 6/10-7/2910:55-11:40am$58/$88
*No class July 4

420250-01Mon1/9 - 2/276:30 - 7:15 p$58/$88
420250-02Tue1/9 - 2/273:55 - 4:40 p$58/$88
420250-03Tue1/10 - 2/284:45 - 5:30 p$58/$88
420250-04Wed1/10 - 2/286:30 - 7:15 p$58/$88
420250-05Thu1/10 - 2/284:15 - 5 p$58/$88
420250-06Thu1/10 - 2/285:05 - 5:50 p$58/$88
420250-07Sa1/11 - 3/110 - 10:45 a$58/$88
420250-08Sa1/11 - 3/110:55 - 11:40 a$58/$88
120250-01Mon3/11 - 5/46:30 - 7:15 p$58/$88
120250-02Tue1/12 - 3/23:55 - 4:40 p$58/$88
120250-03Tue1/12 - 3/24:45 - 5:30 p$58/$88
120250-04Wed1/12 - 3/26:30 - 7:15 p$58/$88
120250-05Thu1/14 - 3/44:15 - 5 p$58/$88
120250-06Thu1/14 - 3/45:05 - 5:50 p$58/$88
120250-07Sat1/14 - 3/410 - 10:45 a$50.75/$77
120250-08Sat1/14 - 3/410:55 - 11:40 a$50.75/$77
Aquatic Center

Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Our private lessons are designed for those who need one-on-one instruction. Adults who never learned to swim, those who feel uncomfortable in a group setting, or those who would like more attention on strokes, are perfect candidates for this class. Students will share pool with others in private lessons. Instructors will be assigned based on student’s abilities. Instructor/student ratio is 1:1.
Make your lessons semi-private.

Private Swim Lessons

250220-01Tu 6/6-7/254:05-4:35pm$87.50/$131.25
250220-02Tu 6/6-7/254:40-5:10pm$87.50/$131.25
250220-03Tu 6/6-7/255:20-5:50pm$87.50/$131.25
250220-04Th 6/8-7/274:05-4:35pm$100/$150
250220-05Th 6/8-7/274:40-5:10pm$100/$150
250220-06Th 6/8-7/275:20-5:50pm$100/$150
250220-07Su 6/11-7/309:30-10am$100/$150
250220-08Su 6/11-7/3010-10:30am$100/$150
250220-09Su 6/11-7/3010:30-11am$100/$150
250220-10Su 6/11-7/3011:15-11:45am$100/$150
250220-11Su 6/11-7/3011:45am-12:15pm$100/$150
(No Class 7/4)
Activity Pool | Aquatic Center

General Notes

  • Wait List: If you are unable to get into a class, please put yourself/your child on the wait list as classes may be added due to changes in enrollment.
  • Swim Lesson Viewing: In order for your child’s swim lessons to be most effective, we ask that parents watch all swim lessons from a distance that permits clear observation without distraction. Seating locations are on the bleachers or the chairs located by the concessions area. In addition, we ask that parents monitor all siblings or other children not in swim lessons during the time of your child’s lesson so that we may maximize learning for all lesson participants.
  • No refunds or make-up classes will be given for missed or forgotten classes. Cancellations will not be honored for missed or forgotten classes. To request a refund, a Customer Request or Refund Request Form must be completed and submitted with any required documentation at the Front Counter or Registration Counter at Park Place. Administration approval must be received before a refund will be issued. A refund, minus a service charge, will be given when a refund request is received a minimum of four (4) days before the start of the registered program.

Questions about Swim Lessons?

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