Polar Express Storytime Trolley

Sunday, December 18. ALL ABOARD!!!

Once aboard, riders will be transported to Santa's Workshop where they will visit Santa and Mrs. Claus and their elves in their very own workshop.
On their way to the workshop, Holiday Helpers will read the story of "The Polar Express". Each child receives a special Polar Express commemorative bell, and will sing some Christmas Carols.

First Hour: Check-In, arts & crafts, hot cocoa, and cookies. Second Hour: Transport to/from Santa's Workshop.
Trip #Park Place ArrivalConclusion TimeFee
A112 p2 p$18/$16
B112:30 p2:30 p$18/$16
A21 p3 p$18/$16
B21:30 p3:30 p$18/$16
A32:05 p4:05 p$18/$16
B32:35 p4:35 p$18/$16
A43:10 p5:10 p$18/$16
B43:40 p5:40 p$18/$16
Children 12 and under: $18
Children 12 and over & Adults: $16

First Hour: check-in, arts & crafts, hot cocoa, and cookies
Second Hour: Transport to and from Santa’s Workshop

Tickets MUST be purchased in person at the Park Place Registration counter. Car seats and strollers are NOT allowed on the trolley.

Questions about Polar Express?

Call Recreation Manager Lauren Kabrick

TOP UA-49138843-1