Park Pride Day 2018 | Saturday, May 19 | 9 a.m.

The Streamwood Park District invites the Streamwood community and friends to the 8th Annual Park Pride Day to help as we prepare our parks for 2018.

The Parks Department will provide the tools, flowers, and lunch. All you have to do is just join us with some hands ready to work! During Park Pride Day, volunteers can plant flowers in our sign beds, pull weeds from the park, and pick up trash to prepare for a busy Spring and Summer.

Directly following, you are invited to join us at the historic Hoosier Grove Barn for a complimentary lunch.

If you'd like to volunteer yourself, your family, your organization for Park Pride Day, or would like more information, please contact us.

Thank You to Our 2017 Park Pride Day Volunteers

Abbey Davis, Abby Kubsik, Adam Doud, Aidan Williams, Al Williams, Andrew Leardi, Andrew Nerada, Angela Mlynarczyk, Ashley Davis, Barbara Zadrozny, Bob Morris, Brendin Sullivan, Callin Hayman, Cole Hermonson ,Corina Morales, Cory Jacobson ,Dawn Kubsik, Dawn Leardi, Denise Davis, Dominick DeMito, Edward Hopman, Edgar Ayala, Emily Weihofen, Evan Hopman, Francesca Bove, Garrett Brown, Isabel Ayala, Jack Conner, Jack Jacobson, Jacob Morris, Janely Malagon, Janusz Janowski, Jayden Wagner, Jeff Conner, Jeff Young, Jen Hermonson, Jennifer Frazer, Jerry Frazer, Jessica Dodge, Jesus Aguilar, Joanna Mele, Joe Mlynarczkyk, Joe Morris, Joey Young, Joni Lorkowski, Jorge Gonzalez, Joseph Linden, Josh Morris, Judy Feldhausen, Julie Wagner, Kathy Koziol, Katia Bove, Kayla Mele, Kyle Doud, Kylie Mitchell, Leah Paz, Leona Shoemaker, Les Lynott, Leslie Silva, Lily Schaefer, Logan Dodge, Lorelei Lynott, Lylli Franco, Marcus Noble, Maria Aguilar, Mario Davis, Mario Noble, Marion Janiec, Matt Janowski, Maureen Morris, Melissa Dodge, Nathaniel Romeo, Pat Diehn, Patrick Harrity, Patrick Sullivan, Paul Janowski, Peter Frazer, Peter Leardi, Robbie Brown, Rosemary Olmstead, Ryan Dodge, Sarah Leardi, Sahari Rodriguez, Stacey Mitchell, Stephanie Searles, Sue Brown, Tina Becht, Tom Koziol, Tomas Almanza, Vida Luzzader, Vjollca DeMito, Wade Brown, Wil Franco

Thank You, 2017 Sponsors!

Last year, we were also very lucky to have the support of numerous local companies who helped sponsor the success of this year’s event. Thank you:

1st Ayd | Conserv FS | Deo-Tek Inc. | Garcia Upholstery | Graf Tree Care | JW Turf | Moretti’s | CostCo | Reinders | Ron Clesen’s Ornamental Plants |
Russo Power Equipment | Creative Resource Personnel