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Park Pride Day 2017 | Saturday, May 20 | 9 a.m.

Streamwood Park District’s 7th Annual Park Pride Day is here! The Parks Department invites the community and friends of Streamwood to help as we prepare our 47 parks for spring. We will provide the tools, flowers, and lunch, just join us with some hands ready to work.

During Park Pride Day, volunteers can plant flowers in our sign beds, pull weeds from the park, and pick up trash to prepare for another beautiful summer. We can accommodate any size group.

Directly following all of our hard work, you are invited to join us at the historic Hoosier Grove Barn for a complimentary lunch.

You can register you and/or your group online at, or by contacting Park Manager, Amy Vito.

*parks must be reserved prior to 5/20

Thank You to Our 2016 Park Pride Day Volunteers

Park District Board Commissioners Rich Janiec, Tom Keating, Adriana Armstrong, Bill Wright, and Rick Brogan, Abbey Davis, Abby Cabugason, Abby Kubsik, Abigail Lange, Adam Kanyuh, Adriana Gonzaelz, Alex Kousiakis, Alex Pala, Allison Feick, Amy Conter, Amy Skrabacz, Andrew Kubsik, Andrew Schaltz, Angela Mlynarczyk, Angie Corral, Ariana Krzesinski, Arisleyda Taylor, Ashley Davis, Barbara Zadrozny, Ben Feick, Berenice Verdino, Bob Morris, Bonnie Benfield, Brendin Sullivan, Brian Leatherby, Brian Nelson, Brian Straukas, Bridget Bender, Cadence Joseph, Carolyn Connely, Chris Salgado, Cillian McCarty, Cody Hynes, Cole Hermonson, Colleen Sylvester, Cory Jacobson, Dakari Allen, David Nelson, David Nunes, David Ojeda, Dawn Kubsik, Dean Lorson, Debbie Caruso, Denise Davis, Diana Furlan, Donna Rbledo, Ed Hopman, Ede Guerrero, Elaine Jenison, Emily Cabugason, Emily Johnson, Emma Sabic, Emmy Lou Cabugason, Erik Feick, Evan Hopman, Florence Graziano, Francesca Boue, Fransheska Taylor, Gena Lane, Geoff Feldhausen, Guinevere Larson, Haley Rindner, Hannah Ferguson, Hannah Rindner, Haylee Davis, Heather Dewsnap, Hugo Wakefield, Ian Leatherby, Jack Conner, Jack Jacobson, Jacob Morris, Janise Janowski , Jayden Beecroft, Jayden Hernandes, Jeff Book, Jeff Conner, Jeff Viene, Jeremy Wakefield, Jessica Dodge, Jessica Ferguson, Jessica Kovarik, Jessie Aguilar, JJ Frazer, Joanna Mele, Joanne Lorkowski, Jocelyn Bardesi, Joe Morris, John Gondos, Joseph Mlynarczyk, Josh Morris, Juan Capistran, Judy Feldhausen, Juli Hammershoy, Justin Hynes, Kaitlyn Jenison, Kaitlyn Larson, Kalia Verdino, Karen Roman, Kathy Koziol, Katie Golly, Kayla Mele, Kevin Book, Kevin Dodge, Kevin Verdino, King Family, Kristen Alanis, Kylie Mitchell, Leah Paz, Leona Shoemaker, Leonardo Lara, Lily Schaefer, Lisa Chartier, Lorelei Lynott, Lylli Franco, Madeline Conter, Manfied Malagon, Maria Aguilar, Maria Guerrero, Mario Davis, Marissa Dambia, Mark Jenison, Mark Shumaker, Maureen Morris, Max Noble, Megan Burton, Megan Golly, Melinda Jenison, Melissa Dodge, Meredith Rindner, Miranda Hopman, Nadia Schaltz, Naomi Nolan, Natalie Hernandes, Nathaniel Romeo, Nina Mangriotis, Olivia Conter, Patrick Devil, Patrick Sullivan, Patti McCarty, Paul Janowski, Peter Frazer, Rebecca Fieck, Reetha Joseph, Renee Skrabacz, Rich Salgado, Robert Furlan, Rocio Capistran, Rosemary Olmstead, Ryan Dodge, Saharai Rodriguez, Sayannah Hammershoy, Scarlett Dewsnap, Shannon Golly, Stacey Hopman, Stacey Mitchell, Steve Lane, Sue Brown, Susana Mangriotis, Tamara Larson, Tina Becht, Tom Koziol Tomas Almanza, Vinny Valerio, Wil Franco, William Taylor, Zach Viene

Park Pride Day

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